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The 10 Greatest Amusement Parks in India

1. Black Thunder Theme Park

In Coimbatore, Tami Nadu, at this beautiful Amusement Park built in the lap of Nilgiri Mountains, once you come back you will not feel like returning. In this park built-in 1993, you can enjoy many riders such as Surf Kill, Wild River, Duck Train, Dragon Coaster9.

2. Nicco Amusement Park

Nico Amusement Park of Kolkata was opened for entertainment as well as for the purpose of education, from the roller coaster to the thrill of the boat that gives peace to the mind, this Disneyland of Bengal is helpful to enjoy a lot of things.

3. Adventure Island New Delhi

According to its name, Adventure Island is a perfect place for people looking for adventures and entertainment. Here you can get a world-class ride and beautiful fountains floated from Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

4. Science City Kolkata

Now you will say why is this in this list? So let me tell you that a magnificent amusement park is also connected with Science City Kolkata. This is the only amusement park of this kind in India here you can use Caterpillar ride, Gravity coaster, musical fountain, cable car, Butterfly nursery, 3D vision theater, mirror magic, and a lot more things like time machine simulator. so friends do not forget to visit Science City, Kolkota.

5. Fun & Food Village Delhi

This amusement park made in Old Delhi is one of the most famous places in the city here is India’s largest indoor snow park and the largest water slide. There is a special arrangement for learning a lot with the entertainment for the children here apart from this, you can also enjoy a boat ride in Fun & Food Village Delhi.

6. Essel World and Water Kingdom Mumbai

The Essel World Amusement Park of Mumbai, opened in 1989, is one of India’s largest and old amusement parks. From Hedge Maze to Aqua Dive, you will not find so many variations of swings in India. Here you can also enjoy skating on iceAll these things make this place heaven for the people in the mood of party and enjoyment.

7. Adlabs Imagica

This amusement park spread over 300 acres at Mumbai-Pune expressway. There are also 4 roller coaster 14 water slides and a snow park. Here you can also enjoy 4D simulation. Today, more than 15 thousand people come to visit this wonderful amusement park in 2013.

8. Wonderla Kochi

If you are an entertainment choice person then Wonderla Kochi should be your next destination you can enjoy more than 100 land and water riders in this amusement park spread over about 82 acres designed specifically by keeping your security in mind.

9. Wonderla Bangalore

Wonderla Bangalore is the second-largest in India and the seventh-largest amusement park in Asia. From small swings to children to an exciting rollercoaster for adults, Wonderala Bangalore has something to do for everyone. You can enjoy many things like a musical fountain, rain showers, laser show, virtual reality theater, and so on. And the delicious food of the magnificent restaurants here and there will be no excuse for making your day memorable.

10. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City of Hyderabad is the world’s largest film city, but its natural and artificial beauty has now made it an unmatched place of tourism and entertainment. Here you can see a glimpse of many of the worlds magnificent buildings with the film industry of South India. Here you can also enjoy lots of riders, water parks and snow parks. Ramoji Film City is also called Disneyland of India. All these things make it the first in India and the sixth-largest amusement park in Asia.

Black Thunder

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Black Thunder Water Theme Park also offers event management facilities with top-notch hospitality and catering services. You can host up to 2,000 guests with us. The expansive lawns and open areas are complemented by large indoor halls and conference facilities. Be it a family event or an outbound training for your corporate, we help manage it all.

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Well, the lawns and open areas at the park offer a glorious foothill view and the indoor banqueting spaces come with air conditioning, high-speed internet, and state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities!

Black Thunder

Video Of The Park

Black Thunder – Water Theme Park

Nagapattinam – Coimbatore

Gundlupet Hwy, Odanthurai, Tamil Nadu 641305, India

Black Thunder

Black Thunder Water Park

Guaranteed extra fun, thrill, and excitement for everyone…

Finally it’s here! India’s answer to foreign water parks. It is modeled on the lines of the Water Kingdom in Mumbai, however on a much larger scale. With a backdrop of the Nilgiris, this theme park is a scene of non-stop fun and adventure. On offer are a combination of land games and a plethora of water ones. Their wave pool is the largest in India. Other attractions are endless camel rides, pools, video games, and a 1.8 km moat which traverses the entire area of the park.