February 22, 2024



Baccarat Online Casino Games

Baccarat is a super simple gambling game that has been popular among players since the 15th century. Back in the days, it was played a bit differently than now. But anyway, it’s awesome to realize that the real money game has maintained its popularity. Nowadays, it is available at land-based casinos that provide many baccarat tables on the casino floor.

But you can also find this simple game at online casinos. Gaming websites offer a lot of baccarat variations that have different features and payout rates. Speaking of the latter, you must be very careful when choosing baccarat online games. Make sure to consider the following:

  • A general RTP percentage/house edge
  • A house edge of a single bet (the player, the banker, and the tie).
  • Other betting options and their odds.

The lower the house edge, the better your payout. So before you open a game for real money, check out the rules and characteristics.

How to play baccarat online

Below, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to get started with playing online baccarat games. It is perfect for baccarat beginners. So if you are looking for advanced baccarat techniques, you should be searching for the best baccarat online tips.

  1. Choose a game. Once you select a casino site, check its lobby for the availability of card games. On average, online casinos offer from 1 to 10 different variants of the game. And as we said, when choosing a baccarat casino game, pay attention to the payout rates of the game itself and of single bets.
  2. Select your bet value. At online baccarat, you will see a game panel with the chips. Select from those chip values and drag them onto the virtual table.
  3. Place your bet. You can only bet on three options: banker, player, or tie. According to the rules, you must bet on the hand you think will get closest to 9. Numbered cards except for the 10s count as their number value, while 10s and picture cards count as 0. Aces count as 1.
  4. Click on “Deal”. When you’ve made your betting decision, click on the deal button to start the game round. You win if you predicted the right outcome/bet the closest to 9.

As the game progresses, you can click on different buttons on the game panel to change your bet. For example, you can clear bet, rebet, or double your current bet.

Before you place bets, it’s important to understand the payouts. If you choose to bet on the player, your payout is 1 to 1. You win 19 to 20 by betting on the banker. And a tie bet gives you an 8 to 1 payout.

The banker bet always has a 5% commission, so this is not recommended to bet on it.

To conclude

To play baccarat online or live, you must understand the rules and try it for free. As soon as you get a hang of the game, switch to the real money mode and grab your winnings by playing baccarat! And once you advance to the next level, try playing live baccarat from the comfort of your home.